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Book a bunch or exclusive tours to auschwitz & salt mine in one daytime. That mixture seves your time and efforts and profit krakow. Daytime trip to auschwitz and salt mine tours is certainly high advised by customers during time in krakow. You can expect daily, frequent tour to both camps and in the mine. Every day will start morning hours, but simply this way you are going to explore both equally attraction and back to krakow balice for an evening meal. Krakowdiscovery plan a regular krakow salt mine tour, door to door expertise. We definitely will pick you up and drop off straight from your restaurant, apartment. We are very happy if you can possibly join auschwitz and salt mine concerts with us. Make sure you don`t are reluctant to contact around ask each of our availability. Each of our english communicating in driver might pick you up through your hotel, apartments rentals. First of all of us will take you to auschwitz I actually where you can become a member of the head to with accredited guide offer by musuem or you can click on camp yourself. After visiting first camp we usually takes to auschwitz ii-birkenau wherever is located regarding 3 mls from the initial camp. Similar guide should walk you presently there, expleining record about birkenau concentration camp. The travel will completes in about an hour right now there. After visiting both camps auschwitz-birkenau we all will take you for the second component to our trip salt mine in wieliczka.

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