There Is A 25th Anniversary Skin Availiable

Fans wanting this skin are going to have to be an active participant in the game’s fan club. This means becoming an official member of the Slayer’s Club. There are fan club websites for every one of Bethesda’s titles, but this is the first time, in awhile at least, that an in-game prize has been rewarded through the service for the Doom universe.

Joining the club is only the first step. To gain access to the skin, players are going to need to reach the “ultimate” rank of DOOM Slayer. This can be done by interacting with content on the website. This means entering polls, visiting forums, submitting fan art, posting content, and other minute fan club activities.

It is currently unknown how long it will take to reach this rank, There Is A 25th Anniversary Skin Availiable In Doom Eternal, But Players Are Going To Have To Work For It  but it is sure to be a reasonable amount of dedication. The best advice available is to find topics you are interested in, join the discussion, and think of the prize as a secondary objective in a global discussion group.

There are other skins to be unlocked as you make your way to DOOM Slayer. The Imperial Marauder skin will be unlocked along with some other minor additions. It seems that being part of the community for this game will be much more than simply blood, guts, and heavy metal.

Fans can find more information on the club’s official FAQ. There you can read more information about what signing up will entail and get an exact detail of what it will take to reach this exclusive skin.