Katy Perry Confirms Pregnancy — Is This Why

Katy Perry has confirmed her pregnancy in a new video for her song “Never Worn White” and on her official Twitter account. Now many are asking if it was her pregnancy that caused her to pass out when a gas leak occurred on the set of American Idol. While some still judge whether Katy Perry is pregnant or not, the vast majority think that she confirmed her pregnancy not only with her video and the beautiful picture of Katy’s baby, but in her statement on Twitter after the premiere of the video .
Katy Perry Confirms Pregnancy — Is This Why She Passed Out On American Idol Set?
In the video “Never Worn White” Katy shares several images throughout the production that let fans know that she was waiting. Not only was Katy beautiful in a white dress with long flowing blonde hair, but she was still holding her baby bump. She also paid tribute to Beyonce’s pregnancy photo when she was covered in blooming roses.

Many fans also say that Katy’s face has the roundness that accompanies pregnancy and that she enjoys a pregnancy glow.

You can see the video that Katy Perry posted for “Never Worn W

Katy Perry is engaged to Orlando Bloom and it would be her first child. Orlando has a nine-year-old son with ex-wife Miranda Kerr. Fans are now convinced that Katy and Orlando are expecting a baby and suspect that she could be in the middle of her term!

Orlando has publicly stated that he is ready to have more children and has made no secret of wanting children with Katy.

At this point, it’s unclear when Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom will be walking down the aisle, but now many believe they are