Justin Bieber Wants Wife Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber is preparing to go on tour and although he has done it several times, this one is special! The reason is not that he is back after a fairly long hiatus but that it is his very first tour as a married man!

The singer would be super excited to hit the road and apparently really wants his wife, model Hailey Baldwin, to join him too!

Nothing would make the experience better than having your wife with him!

As fans know, the ‘Changes’ tour is its very first in no less than 3 years!
Justin Bieber Wants Wife Hailey Baldwin To Join Him On Tour And Is Super Excited!
One inside tells HollywoodLife that he plans to bring Hailey.

“Justin is in full tour preparation mode and very excited. It will be Justin’s first tour as a married man and it makes all the difference because Hailey gives him support and stability. He is convinced that with Hailey at his side, it will be his best tour of all time. He is embarking on this business with a very strong mind and a healthy state of mind and she is a big part of it, ”they explained via the newspaper.

Since most of the songs on her new album are about her, it’s no surprise that groom Justin wants his wife to join him on the road. It would definitely improve the experience so much!

“ Even though he knows it will take him a lot to be on tour, he feels mentally and physically ready and he is looking forward to going out and seeing all of his fans, ” the source close to the couple said.

But what about Hailey? Is she ready to take a break from her own plans to come with her husband on tour?