easy way to create YouTube videos

Content material samurai became a totally lengthy call that become difficult to spell, and didn’t truely sound like a video creation device. then again, vidnami is a short name that is straightforward to spell, and we accept as true with it sounds plenty extra like a modern-day video advent platform. there had been additionally other critical motives behind our choice of the name vidnami. first off we were able to secure the vidnami.com area name, and secondly we have been capable of secure a trademark for the call. the name vidnami comes from combining thePhrase “video” and the japanese word for wave “nami” and it relates to the idea of using video to creating a tremendous wave of influence within the world. we’ve robotically transferred all your content material samurai films into vidnami so that you can start the use of the brand new machine nowadays and pick out up exactly wherein you left off. sure we’re nevertheless the identical business enterprise and crew. easy way to create YouTube videos we haven’t bought the agency and our crew hasn’t modified. this indicates you’ll nevertheless get the identical terrific customer service, and we’re still centered onAdding new features and making the product even better. content material samurai will remain available for the following few weeks, and then we’ll redirect you to vidnami. but we encourage you to start the usage of vidnami today. it has a greater cutting-edge look and feel, and is easier and more a laugh to use. we’ve completely overhauled the help area, and you now have get entry to to modern-day training motion pictures that display you step-via-step how to create all the most important styles of video you want to grow your enterprise. to get admission toThe brand new schooling just click on the ‘assist’ alternative in the top menu. noble samurai is the name of our business enterprise, and vidnami is now the call of our video creation platform.