AltoMerge Platform Helps

AltoMerge Platform Helps Users to Get Ready for their Job Interview

AltoMerge enables users to combine their documents into a single file. The AltoMerge service is a part of the AltoPDF platform that helps users to manage their PDF documents digitally. It allows to convert formats, merge, split and compress files, rotate and extract pages and protect your PDFs.

The AltoMerge feature provides users with a possibility to combine their PDF files in a few clicks. Since the platform runs independent of any kind of software, operating system or hardware, you can access it whenever and wherever is needed just using any Internet connected device.

Spend Less Time on Organizing Documents for your Interview

Many users find the AltoMerge service extremely helpful while getting ready for their job interviews. It is a well-known fact that almost every interview requires a person to prepare and submit some kind of documents.
Some vacancies require only a job application form, when others may ask you to prepare and file a resume. However, most jobs want to receive a whole package of necessary papers. And that’s when AltoMerge appears to help you. But first of all, let’s figure out what documents are required for an interview.

A person has to prepare a job application in order to inform the employer about their readiness for work and understanding of the specifics of the new workplace. In this document applicants should specify their previous employments, skills and experience that fit the vacancy. You may be asked to fill out this document even after you have submitted a resume and a cover letter. This way the superior receives consistent data about the applicant.
The main purpose of a resume is to demonstrate the level of your knowledge, desire and readiness to be hired. A person has to provide the total of their background and experience, inform about their strong character traits and additional attainments.
Sometimes your potential employer may require you to prepare a cover letter. It has to contain a broader view on your skills and abilities. Unlike resumes, it has to be written in more detailed way and cover as much points as possible.

You may also submit a letter of recommendation if there is one, from your previous workplace.

To save time and to improve workflow you’d better to send all these documents as a single file. The AltoMerge feature allows you to combine your job application, resume, cover letter and letter of recommendation into one file. Note that AltoMerge processes only PDF documents. So first you may need the AltoConvert feature allowing you to change your document format.

Learn how to Combine your Job Application, Resume, Cover Letter and Letter of Recommendation

You can access AltoMerge from any internet connected device. Spend a few minutes on the service to successfully merge your files.

  1. Click the Choose files button.
  2. Select necessary documents from your disc and upload them into the box.
  3. Click the Merge Now button.
  4. Wait a few seconds and download the newly created document to your device.
  5. You can also choose the Continue Editing option to work on your PDF. This way you can edit all your combined documents i.e. add fillable fields, texts, visual and audio data, buttons and so on. You can instantly share the file via email, fax or even sms.

In addition to all the benefits, the AltoPDF platform provides users with high level of protection enabling you to keep your documents completely tamper-proof. The service ensures an encrypted files transfer and automatically deletes all uploaded files in 24 hours. This way AltoPDF eliminates all the risks and pitfalls of using online platforms.

Save your time, money and prepare a fully assembled interview package in a few minutes. By exploring AltoMerge’s tools, you’ll be free of paperwork routine hassles once and for all. You can use this extensive tool on the go that allows you to manage your documents faster and save your time for other important tasks.

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